Apprenticeship programmes


Accountancy Apprenticeships

If you are good at maths and have attention to detail, put your skills to the test to impress. Accountants balance books and handle tax preparations as well as many other financial related tasks.

Apprentices Hairdressing

Barbering Apprenticeships

This programme trains apprentices to cut and style the hair of men and boys.


Beauty Apprenticeships

Beauty therapists make clients look and feel amazing.  If you've got the right personality with good communication and social skills you will go far in this fast-paced industry.


Bricklaying Apprenticeships

Bricklayers lay bricks and other types of building blocks in mortar to build and repair walls inside and outside of properties, including tunnels, walls and chimney stacks.

Business 3

Business, Human Resources & Management Apprenticeships

Do you see yourself as being an integral part of a business organisation? Business administrators and managers support essential day to day business operations.


Carpentry & Joinery Apprenticeships

Carpenters and joiners work with wood to construct and finish building interior, cut and fit joints and produce items such as stairwells, furniture, windows and doors.

ICT Higher 2

Computing Apprenticeships

In the IT industry you will work in areas such as software and web development, technical support and telecommunications or IT project management.

Construction Management Higher

Construction & Civil Engineering Apprenticeships

Get your career in construction off to a solid start by taking an apprenticeship in a range of specialisms in the construction industry.  You can focus your skills in carpentry & joinery, plumbing, painting and decorating or the wider construction industry.

Customer Services

Customer Services Apprenticeships

Customer services roles can be both satisfying and rewarding. You could be the friendly face of a business or major organisation ensuring customers are dealt with in a positive, reliable and pleasant way.


Dental Nursing Apprenticeships

A Dental Nurse supports the Dentist in all aspects of patient care, including the preparation of the Dental Surgery, accurate record keeping and stock control.


Early Years Apprenticeships

Working with children involves being part of their intellectual, social and emotional development. Take care and supervise children from newborn to early teenage years.

Supporting Teaching & Learning

Education Apprenticeships

Teaching Assistants make an impact; provide practical and emotional support whilst delivering knowledge, skills and expertise in schools all over the world.


Electrical Installation Apprenticeships

Do you have a keen interest in technology and good analytical skills? Electrical installation involves the fitting, testing, service and repair of a range of electrical equipment and domestic appliances.

Engineering 2

Engineering Apprenticeships

Engineers are problem solvers. Nearly everything you see around you has been produced by an engineer such as roads, planes, televisions and power lines.


Hairdressing Apprenticeships

Hairdressers are responsible for making people look their best. Excellent communication and creative skills are essential in this line of work.

Apprentice higher health practitioner

Health & Social Care Apprenticeships

Health and social care is a satisfying, rewarding job with a range of responsibilities. The ability to listen to clients and build good relationships is the key to succeed in this line of work.

Apprentice housing

Housing Apprenticeships

In the housing industry you will deal with both people and property. You will be responsible for creating real solutions to peoples housing issues within the public, voluntary and private sector.

Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle Apprenticeships

Motor vehicle technicians find and identify faults using electronic testing equipment, advise on repairs including time and cost estimates, carry out work such as replacing parts and perform routine servicing and checks.

Painting & Decorating

Painting & Decorating Apprenticeships

No two jobs are the same for a painter and decorator, depending on your creative skills you could be looking at special effects, sign writing or interior design working on suburban houses or commercial sites.


Plumbing Apprenticeships

Plumbers need dedication to lifelong learning, in order to keep up with technology.  A good grasp of science and maths is important and also the stamina to do physically hard work.

Apprentice Podiatry

Podiatry Apprenticeships

A Podiatry Assistant supports the Podiatrist in all aspects of patient care, including the preparation of the clinical environment, both in the NHS and Private Practice. This also includes greeting and reassuring patients.


Sport Apprenticeships

The provision of recreational, sport and fitness facilities is a key element in the drive to improve the active lifestyles of individuals across the whole of the population.

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Apprentice higher health practitioner 2

Higher Apprenticeships

A higher apprenticeship is a work-based learning programme at a high skill level. You can gain nationally recognised higher education qualifications, such as a foundation degree, while being employed and learning job specific skills.