Develop a hobby, explore a new interest, re-ignite a passion, or just have fun learning something new with like-minded people.

Creative Writing Part Time

This short course introduces students to various forms of creative writing. This is a popular course where you will learn how to write poems and other forms of creative writing.

Digital Imaging & Photoshop Part Time

This exciting short course is designed to give you a basic introduction to digital imaging.

Family History Online Part Time

Ever wanted to know more about your family’s past? Learn how to trace your family or expand your family history knowledge with this short course.

Flower Arranging (Advanced) Part Time

Join us to experience the latest trends in floristry, and create stunning designs.

Flower Arranging (Beginners) Part Time

Open up a whole new world of flower design with this course, which is suitable for complete beginners or those with an existing artistic flair.

Introduction to Photography Part Time

This course is designed to make you think about your photo and you will discover how to gain more enjoyment from your photography.

LIfe Drawing Part Time

Gain an understanding of the foundation skills needed for life drawing.