Starting soon

From short courses to vocational programmes, right through to higher education, you can choose from a range of programmes starting soon.

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners Part Time

This course is perfect for those looking to get started with an Acoustic Guitar.

Beginners French Part Time

This course is perfect for those looking to develop a basic understanding of French.

Beginners Italian Part Time

This course will provide you with a basic understanding of the Italian language.

Beginners Japanese Part Time

Learn the basics of the Japanese language with this introductory course.

Car Mechanics for Beginners Part Time

This course is ideal if you want to learn how to do basic maintenance and checks on your car.

Computer Skills Part Time

This course offers learners the perfect introduction to key computer skills.

Creative Writing Part Time

Join this fun and friendly informal session to develop your creative writing skills and make new friends.

Flower Arranging Part Time

This course will provide you with the skills to create stunning flower arrangements.

Foods Around the World Part Time

This course is perfect for those who wish to explore the world with their taste buds.

Introduction into Forensics Part Time

Explore the world of Forensic Science and crime detection with this fascinating course.

Introduction to Counselling Part Time

Develop an understanding of the main concepts in counselling with this introductory course.

Introduction to Plastering Part Time

If you would like to learn how to complete simple plastering jobs, this course offers the perfect introduction to develop the key skills needed.

Introduction to Psychology Part Time

Gain an insight into how the mind works, and how individuals think, feel and act, with this

Introduction to Sign Language and Deaf Awareness Part Time

This course offers an introduction to British Sign Language (BSL), to allow learners to develop their communication skills.

Level 2 Award in Make-up Part Time

This course is perfect for those wishing to pursue a career within the ever expanding make-up industry.

Level 2 Body Painting Part Time

Express your creativity, using skin as your canvas. You will practice the main application and brush techniques required to use body paint and glitter effectively.

Level 2 Certificate Hair Techniques (Barbering) Part Time

This programme will prepare you for progression within the barbering industry.

Level 2 Face Painting Part Time

This course aims to provide learners who wish to develop their artistic skills with a perfect introduction to face painting.

Level 2 Individual Lashes Part Time

You will learn how to perform the increasingly popular treatment of applying and removing individual lashes.

Level 5 Diploma Management & Leadership (CMI) Part Time

This course will enhance your managerial capability, and will focus on the practical application of a range of management perspectives and their underpinning theoretical concepts.

MA top-up Strategic Leadership Part Time

This programme is perfect for those who have completed the Level 7 CMI Strategic Leadership programme, and wish to top-up their qualification to a master’s degree.

Photography for Beginners Part Time

Learn how to use your camera and its controls to create beautiful images.

Plumbing for Beginners Part Time

Develop a basic understanding of plumbing to prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed to make small repairs around the home.

Seasonal Sugar Craft Part Time

Take up an exciting new hobby and learn how to give your bakes the wow-factor with fantastic sugarcraft decorations.