Visual Arts

Art & Design

Careers in art and design are about creating things that are appealing to the eye.

HE business7

Business & Management

The dynamic and growing business and management industry is vast.

HE computing 4


Computing and IT is one of the fastest-moving and most dynamic sectors in the UK.

HE Construction

Construction & Civil Engineering

Construction & Civil Engineering is one of the UK's largest and most diverse sectors.

HE counselling


Counsellors help people with their problems and make a positive difference to their lives.

HE childhood1

Early Years

Childhood studies is excellent preparation for a wide range of careers working with children and young people.

HE education


The skills and experience you gain during your education degree prepares you for a range of careers working with children and young people.

HE engineering2


Engineering is a diverse profession that contributes to most aspects of modern life.

HE Graphic Design 2

Graphic Design & Media

Working in the graphic design and media industry can help turn your imagination and originality into a career. 

HE podiatry

Health & Care

There is currently a high demand for well-trained and multi-skilled graduates in the dynamic health and social care sector. 

HE business1


A career in housing can be rewarding and challenging.

HE Music


A career in the music industry is hard work but if you are passionate about music very few industries are as exciting to work in!

Podiatry class


Podiatry is a specialist area of healthcare, allied to medicine, which involves care and maintenance of foot and lower limb conditions.

HE Public Services 5

Public & Community Services

Our degree in public and community services will provide you with transferable skills, leadership experience and knowledge to prepare you for a range of careers .

HE Social Work

Social Work

A social worker helps individuals and families to improve their lives.

HE Sport


The sports industry is competitive with a wide range of career options.


Tourism & Events

The tourism and events industry has a lot to offer graduates both in the UK and abroad.