Helen Casey

BA (Hons) Social Work Course Leader

Member of the Health and Care Professions Council. 

Member of Power Us, an international social work learning partnership.

Length of time worked at New College Durham:  Since 2001

Describe your academic experience:

I have been a lecturer at New College since 2001 primarily on the BA (Hons) social work programme and occasionally supporting the Counselling programme.

Describe your experience working in industry/the workplace:

Prior to becoming a lecturer I was a social worker and practised mainly in the voluntary sector. My social work background is predominantly with adults with learning disabilities.

Describe your role at New College Durham:

Course leader for BA (Hons) Social Work, lecturing across all 3 years, and personal tutor support.  I have a key interest and lead role facilitating the involvement of service users and carers in social work education.  Our work in this field has gained national and international recognition.

Why did you decide to teach at New College Durham?

I wanted to become a lecturer and apply my experience and enthusiasm for working with service users and carers in an educational context. I also wanted social work practice in the voluntary sector to gain a more positive profile within social work practice which it has, having been incorporated into the social work curriculum. I enjoy working at New College Durham. I know that the service users and carers who contribute to social work education really enjoy being part of New College Durham too.

What is the best part of your job?

Working with service users and carers to enable them to see how their experiences are most valuable to training social workers. Also, seeing how students, service users and carers can learn together and from each other.

What are your research areas/interests?

Service user and carer involvement. I am involved in writing, contributing to publications on this subject area and commencing a PHD in this field.

Tell us about any current/recent projects:

I presented at the first AoC (Association of Colleges) scholarly and research conference last year, and have contributed to a chapter in a book.

What has been your best moment at New College Durham?

Seeing how many service users and carers have become involved in our programme and contributing in so many different ways.

What inspires you?

People at the receiving end of social work/services and students who are motivated to listen to service users and carers and become good social workers.


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