Kayley Fender

Course: FdA Tourism Management

Previous school: Tyne Metropolitan College

Kayley had heard great things about our work placement opportunities. She was impressed by the facilities and was drawn in by the friendly atmosphere.

She said:

“The campus was very modern and it was refreshing to have other students hold a door open for you. New College Durham is a great place to learn - the content on my course was really interesting!

“When I was first offered a work placement abroad I was sceptical about accepting it. I had recently been diagnosed with Autism but didn’t want this to stop me from taking up such an incredible opportunity.

“All of my tutors were very supportive and encouraging – I soon decided I didn’t want to miss out on working in Malta for two months. The process was painless. I applied through Stage Malta and had an interview with my employer via Skype.

“New College Durham and Stage Malta organised everything else. It was all very professionally done. They reassured me that there would be extra support put in place – all of which was funded by an Erasmus grant!

“I am so happy I took on this challenge as I feel like I’ve really accomplished something. I worked at the Travel Transfer desk in Malta Airport. Having to approach people really boosted my confidence, in fact, the whole experience did!

“I was out of my comfort zone but this made me realise I was able to take on responsibility. I would definitely work abroad again. It was such a great experience and is an impressive addition to my CV.”

Kayley progressed to study BA (Hons) Management at New College Durham. She is actively looking for other international opportunities.

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