Choices Plus

Our innovative Choices Plus programme is aimed at young people who are unsure if they made the right course or college choice in September, as well as young people who are not currently in training or at college.

Choices Plus gives you the exciting opportunity to start on a full-time vocational course or an apprenticeship programme later on in the academic year and help you reach your full potential. We are fully committed to making sure you achieve on your course, our welcoming and supportive environment ensures you get the very best out of your time with us.

Choices Plus enrolment events usually take place in October and January.

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Caitlin Marquiss

Caitlin Marquis

Caitlin excelled in her studies and her tutors say she has a natural talent for this vocation.

Chloe Layton CS

Chloe Layton

Chloe is hoping to gain an apprenticeship and become a Farrier.

Zac Wright - Carpentry & Joinery

Zac Wright

Carpentry & Joinery student takes an impressive step by joining the Esh Construction Group as an apprentice.

Rebecca Shepherd CS

Rebecca Shepherd

The Choices Plus programme helped Rebecca to change her career ambitions from childcare to IT.

Alex Gilbert CS

Alex Gilbert

When Alex realised that the A Level route that she had chosen wasn’t right for her, she joined the Level 3 Childcare course at New College Durham to help her to achieve her career ambition in a more practical way.

Damien Wright CS

Damien Wright

Damien is currently studying Level 3 Hospitality at New College Durham. He is an excellent example of what can be achieved if you have the determination and are given the opportunity to prove yourself.


Owen McArdle

Owen realised his intial course choice wasn't right for him so he joined our Choices Plus programme. He has since persued his first passion - sport - and being involved in the College's SU has given him the confidence to fulfill his potential.

Abbie Davies

Abbie Davies

The Choices Plus programme helped Abbie Davies decide which direction her future would take.

Scott Hall CS

Scott Hall

After leaving school, Scott joined an apprenticeship in IT, however, by the end of January, he realised that the apprenticeship was coming to an end and there was no employment prospects with his apprenticeship employer.