Maths, English & Science

If you are looking to improve your GCSEs, why not take one of our evening GCSE, or equivalent, courses to help you achieve your goals?

English for Adults Part Time

Enrich your life, widen your career prospects and boost your confidence by improving your English skills in reading, writing, grammar, punctuation, speaking, listening, and spelling.

GCSE Biology Part Time

This course will encourage you to develop your experimental and investigation abilities within a science-based setting.

GCSE English Part Time

This course aims to develop your skills in a range of reading and writing tasks. You will read a variety of texts, and practice your creative, analytical and persuasive writing skills.

GCSE Maths Part Time

This course aims to develop your knowledge and understanding of mathematical problems. You will learn the essential methods required to solve GCSE level mathematical problems.

Maths for Adults Part Time

Update your maths skills for work or for everyday life with a nationally recognised qualification, equivalent to GCSE.