Assessment & progress

Whilst on the programme, staff carry out regular formative assessments with all students to help them work towards their final outcomes.  A number of different assessment methods are used, both written and practical. Where appropriate additional support is provided.  

Regular assessments of students’ needs are undertaken with a view to promote independent learning. 

Formal reviews of progress are held and students at risk are identified and arrangements made with Personal Learning Coaches and tutors to assist, guide and support the student.  Parents’ evenings are arranged to discuss all students’ progress, however parents/carers of those at risk are involved at an early stage.  Each student has an individual learning plan which identifies intended outcomes and is reviewed and amended regularly with input from the student and the course team. 

Students with High Needs are reviewed in partnership with the parents, Durham Co Council and where appropriate other agencies.

The College has comprehensive quality processes and through Curriculum reviews the progress of all students is monitored and the quality of teaching and learning assessed.  College success, retention and achievement data is published in the College’s self-assessment report which is available on through this site.