Extra-curricular activities

The College prides itself on the enrichment activities enjoyed by our students.  There is a fully equipped gym, as well as the opportunity to join a number of different sports teams.

The Students’ Union supports activities, societies and development opportunities for students including the opportunity to get involved in a range of college activities and voluntary work.  Students are encouraged to represent their courses at Student Representative Level and are given training on how to do this.  The student voice is very important at New College Durham.

Each course has lots of different opportunities to participate in enrichment activities that are there to develop skills, knowledge and understanding. This develops skills needed for progression either into work or Higher Education. 

In the School of Foundation Studies work experience and the development of employability skills are often seen as an area students need to concentrate on.  The Vocational Access courses offer a range of employability options to all students which will complement employability qualifications and ensure that all learners are encouraged to develop skills for progression into workplace learning.

In order to do this every student will be encouraged to follow a well-planned work experience route which could consist of:

•           Professional work related Information and guidance (IAG)

•           Workplace visits

•           Real work environment (within college)

•           Work tasters

•           Work shadowing

•           Work trial

•           Supported Employment

•           Well planned work experience placement


The benefits should include:

•           Increased confidence for all learners

•           A reference for the learner

•           The opportunity to assess skills for employability and vocational qualifications

•           The opportunity to improve partnership working

•           Clearer aspiration and progression routes


In order to prepare the students to engage in the work placement activities a series of enrichment sessions on Wednesday afternoon are timetabled to develop:

Employability Skills through Sport  –  team work, independence and leadership.

Maths/English through Cooking – reading, following instructions, measuring.

Personal Social Development through Art/Performing Arts – confidence, self-esteem, exploring different cultures and genres. 


The sessions are planned and developed by maths and English Specialists and delivered using a combination of facilitators and lecturers.  The aim of these activities is to:

•           Develop fitness/increase activity levels

•           Practice/develop motor skills and dexterity

•           Develop ideas for future career choices

•           Develop numeracy and literacy skills

•           Develop thinking and creativity skills

•           Develop confidence.