Healthcare degree students take part in International Student Week

Our Supporting Innovation in Health and Social Care Foundation Degree students recently took part in International Student Week at the University College Leuven in Belgium.

The international, interdisciplinary collaboration project included preparing a presentation of the protocols and procedures, treatment and dietary support for individuals with type one diabetes. This gave the students the opportunity to compare international pathways, protocols and best practices.

The students presented their findings to a board of international academics who explored the reasoning behind the plan to support the diagnosis and treatment for a young child and family recently diagnosed with type one diabetes.

Following the presentations, the students visited the Health House in Leuven, to discover new developments in healthcare and how bespoke services can be delivered to meet the needs and preferences of the service users. They also explored how technology can support hospital care in the future.

Before heading home, the students visited Bodyworlds in Amsterdam, to see the real, plasticised anatomic models of the human body, and the happiness project.

The week provided the group with a fantastic opportunity to explore a range of international pathways and interventions, to be able to compare these to develop a plan of good practice.

The trip inspired the students and they are developing their own happiness project within the college for next year.

Megan, FdSc Supporting Innovation in Health and Social Care student, commented:

“It was an amazing opportunity to take part in this international project. I enjoyed meeting, working and socialising with the other students and have gained confidence in working with others.”

Angela Bleasdale, Programme Leader, said: “I was proud of the students who participated in this international project. They were open to learning new ways of working within the different professions, showing skills of collaboration and teamwork in planning and presenting the project.”

Frank Delaere, International Officer, said: “I have enjoyed being part of the partnership between our students and of the success of the first year of this international project. I look forward to developing this in the future.”

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