Public services students get stuck in

We provide our public services students with a wide range of different opportunities so they can develop their interests and discover the different types of careers within the sector.

Over the last two weeks, our first-year public services students have been very busy, gaining transferable skills and an advanced understanding of how public services work together.

The students were involved in a physical training day with the Marines. This provided the students with an insight into how hard the Marines train and their level of fitness. After the hardcore workout, they took part in an engaging session about the different weapon systems.

The day of training was rounded up with a lot of fun, racing on the speedboats. Corey Healther, Level 3 Public Services student, said: “The whole day was ace! I could race in the boats all day – even though I am soaking!”

As part of their Crime Scene Investigation unit, the students attended a mock murder scene where, in pairs, they acted as crime scene investigators. Each pair assessed the scene, collected evidence and formed a theory of what happened to the victim using the evidence gathered. This sparked an interest in a few of the students as they enjoyed the problem-solving element of the task.

Grace Allerton, Level 3 Public Services student, commented: “That was the best thing I have ever done – can we do it again?!”

The British Army Royal Signals Regiment assessed the students for their Telecommunications unit. The task involved a military ran tabletop exercise using Army radios and maps, to give the students a realistic experience. It was great to see the students work under pressure and communicate with each other effectively.

Warrant Officer, Dave Ross, said: “The students did a fantastic job. They worked hard and listened to all of the instructions that were provided. They are a credit to the public services department and New College Durham.”

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