Grow your mind

‘Grow your mind – precision, vision and ugly frogs’

The annual Sixth Form Conference was a great success offering an exciting start to the academic year. The new AS students were actively engaged throughout the day in a carousel of practical and interactive activities. Students explored how to use language precisely and accurately and enjoyed timed conversations with several people on a range of topics, sharing their views and vision for the future. The groups focused on how to maintain their wellbeing by staying healthy through sport and managing their time effectively.  All students positively rose to the challenge of developing strategies to tackle difficult tasks first (ugly frogs!) learning that with the necessary effort it is even possible to make a balloon dog!

The day ended with an inspiring talk from Gary Fildes founder and lead Astronomer at Kielder Observatory and author of the enthralling book ‘An Astronomer’s Tale. A Bricklayer’s guide to the Galaxy ‘(soon to be seen on TV). Gary animatedly reflected on his life experiences throughout his journey to becoming a Cosmologist. His passion and enthusiasm for astronomy offered a powerful incentive to all students to fulfil your potential and follow your dreams.

Now the work begins!!!!

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