Ziyuan Luo

Course: A-Levels (Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry)

Previous school: Fuzhou Sanmu Middle School

Ziyuan joined New College Durham as she was drawn in by the teaching resources available and the modern campus.

She said:

“I really enjoyed the teaching atmosphere in class and the study environment. All of the lecturers at New College Durham were friendly, kind and warm-hearted. They were always available if you had any questions.

“I liked the fact students came from different backgrounds. Everyone was easy to get along with and I made a lot of new friends!

“The course really prepared me with the knowledge I needed to apply to the exam. The campus and facilities were excellent.

“I took part in open days and mentor projects for the English department, to introduce the courses to GCSE students. This was an interesting experience as it allowed me to chat to people from different countries and cultures.

“New College Durham was peaceful and a happy place for me. I really appreciate the help I received and the things I have learnt. I will be progressing to study Biochemistry at Swansea University.”

Ziyuan secured a place at Swansea University to study Biochemistry. 

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